Howie Basketball Foundation Fundraiser

In Honor of #32 Ryan G. Howell of the Semiahmoo Totems, we have created the Howie Basketball Foundation to help out basketball players who are in need of proper gear to get them on the court. This fundraiser is to raise funds to help get players on the court.

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BC Provincial 3 on 3 Final 4

Sunday, March 5, 2023 at Earl Marriot High School
Day 1 of the BC Gr9 Boys Provincial 3 on 3 Basketball Championships is complete with the Final Four teams advancing through pool play, elimination and seeding rounds to the semi finals and finals this afternoon.

BC Provincial 3 on 3 Fundraiser

9:00 AM on Saturday, March 4, 2023 at Semiahmoo Secondary School
The Provincial 3 on 3 event for the BC High School Grade 9 Boys Basketball Provincial Championships will act as the first fundraiser for The Howie Basketball Foundation.

In Honor of Ryan G. Howell...

The Howie Basketball Foundation was started in Honor of #32 Ryan G. Howell of the Semiahmoo Totems to host charity events and raise funds that go towards players that need some extra funding to get on the court (gear, fees etc).
The world has changed in many ways and this we know will be the best gift Ryan could give to pay back, and share his love of sports with others.

First Basketball Development Bursary (March 4, 2023)

The Howie Basketball Foundation is pleased to announce the gifting of its first basketball development bursary of $500 for the basketball benefit of 3 grade 9 student athletes from Frank Hurt Secondary School in Surrey. This was presented at the Awards presentation of the 26th Annual BC High School Gr9 Boys Invitational Provincial Basketball Championships which wrapped up last Sunday afternoon at Earl Marriott Secondary School.

As part of the 4 day BC Gr9 Boys Provincial Basketball Championships and with the support of the Vancouver Bandits of the CEBL (Canadian Elite Basketball League), the 2nd Annual BC High School Gr9 Boys Invitational Provincial Basketball 3×3 Championships pool and elimination play was held all day Saturday at Semiahmoo Secondary School. Close to 100 grade 9 basketball players (whose main high school teams did not make the Provincials) chose to extend their season at this “free to register” 3×3 event. 3×3 Basketball is now an Olympic sport and its popularity is growing in North America. The game is fast, tough and played in the half court with 1 referee and 3 players per side plus a spare.

The Howie Basketball Foundation was established for the memory of #32 Ryan G. Howell of the 2002-2004 Semiahmoo Totems. Its purpose is to raise funds and gift 100% of what is raised towards players that need “a little extra” to get and stay on the court (gear, fees, etc). We know that this game and helping others was dear to Ryan. It’s a perfect way for us to honour his memory.

Ryan’s former Semi teammates and high school basketball coach and family and friends, all members of the Howie Basketball Foundation provided support at Semiahmoo for the Gr9 Boys 3×3 Championships, game directors, scorekeepers, timers, concession and cleanup. This was Howie Basketball’s first fundraiser and coincided with a new website and a go fund me page along with its facebook group.

On behalf of the Howie Basketball Foundation, we would like to express our heartfelt gratitude for the opportunity to work with the 26th Annual BC High School Gr9 Boys Invitational Provincial Basketball Championship and the Vancouver Bandits in its development of the 2nd Annual BC High School Gr9 Boys Invitational Provincial Basketball 3 on 3 Championship.

Thank you to the players and coaches and organizers and Bandits to allow our volunteers the chance to help make this event a success.

With the generosity of time and money of so many, we were able to provide Howie Basketbal’s first basketball development bursary.

We hope this will be the first of many more events that will give us the opportunity to raise funds for players that need a little extra to get on the court.

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